What is Tenfold?

Tenfold is a training in personal finances offered by local churches.  It's based on the conviction that God delights in blessing us financially.  He loves to bless us!  But we must learn to handle money his way.

Sometimes we think we can't build wealth.  We may have hopes such as buying a house, but often such hopes seem unachievable.   Tenfold helps us build hope  gradually.

An Exciting Promise

When we handle money God's way we will
have MORE of five things:

  1. more money
  2. more peace of mind
  3. more financial security
  4. more money to give away
  5. more enjoyment of your wealth

Are you interested?

What are the goals of Tenfold?

Tenfold aims to help participants build wealth God's way.  Specific goals include:

  • save at least $300 in 7 weeks for a long-term goal
  • learn the Six Steps of Handling Wealth God's Way
  • be freed from a past financial mistake
  • become a better giver

What Do We Study?

We also hear from successful business leaders and from bank officers about how to open accounts and get loans.

A Special Incentive

The leaders of Tenfold are invested in you.  So to help set you on a path to financial peace, we offer an incentive: we will start a savings account for you and…

We will triple the money you put toward your savings goal up to $300.

Every time over the seven weeks of Tenfold you put $1.00 into your savings, we will add $2.00 more.  So if over the course of 7 weeks you put in $100, we will triple it and your savings will become $300.

You may put in more than $100.  But since the purpose of this incentive is to teach you to save money, you must agree to keep the money in the account for three months.

The fee for the course is $20.00